Dog school at Hotel Fliana

Dog training even on vacation

"Dogs cannot understand our language, that's why we have to speak theirs."
Hotel Fliana keeps up a close cooperation with the mobile dog obedience school. The dog trainers meet you at the hotel at an arranged time and train your dog in an individual way.

Training Method

Together with dog and owner the social life is trained to strengthen the bond and stability that is crucial for a successful dog training. And all that without the help of head halter, pinch collar or treats.
The training starts with an attention lesson, to achieve that the dog concentrates on its owner rather than on cyclists, joggers or other dogs passing by. As soon as the dog walks on the leash without being distracted, commands are trained. Afterwards, the preparation for walking without a leash starts and is practiced so long until you don't need the leash anymore.

Training Goal

The aim of the training is a harmonious cooperation, stress-free excursions where the dog keeps close to its owner. Timid dogs should become more self-assured, dominant dogs submissive and nervous dogs calm and balanced.

Dog training sessions - with your personal dog trainer

Effective training sessions in 90 minutes 
for the price of 120 €
(bookable depending on availability)

We recommend you to book the dog training sessions
before your arrival.