Our hotel is climate neutral!

Welcome to a climate neutral hotel in Tyrol!

Climate change is currently one of the biggest challenges. We want to take responsibility and actively contribute to climate protection: In cooperation with ClimatePartner, one of the leading solution providers in climate protection, we calculated the emissions caused by our hotel, which are balanced out by supporting various projects.

How the stay of our clients become climate neutral:
  • Determination of CO2 emissions
    “Climate Partner” calculated the CO2 emissions of our hotel and evalueted them on 228,798kg CO2.
  • Compensating of CO2 emission in cooperation with climate partner by supporting VARIOUS PROJECTS.
  • Receiving a certification by climate partner to prove climate neutrality.


Sustainability, mindfulness and the responsible use of our energy and environment are very important to us. In order to keep the CO2 emissions in our hotel as low as possible, the following steps already have been taken:


  • We do not consume a single liter of oil or gas in our bio heating system
  • We source 100% green electricity from hydroelectricity
  • Energy saving through modern heat recovery
  • Electricity generated from our organic waste
  • Controlled power consumption through modern maximum monitors
  • Using local products from local farmers in our hotel kitchen